Who we are

Stellar Media is a full service video production company based in Lubbock, Texas. We care deeply about the purpose and success of our clients. We think that’s reflected in our work. We strive to captivate, motivate and inspire. Hard work and talent lead the way as we dream big dreams with clients both large and small.
We’re a team of creatives, cinematographers, designers, developers, motion graphic artists, videographers, copy-writers, drone pilots, photographers, planners, and strategists. Whew!

Our Approach

We bring a professional approach to offer you personalized service. We take your ideas, concepts, products—your story—and bring it to life. Whether your needs are advertising, fundraising, promoting, teaching, training, or inspiring, we’ll help create, develop and produce a polished product!
Our secret (shhhh!) is in pre-production where we help create, conceptualize and develop. Our work has proven to be effective in fundraising, brand development and growth. We’ve learned what it takes to move audiences into action!


We’re obsessed with quality. People are smart. They can spot the difference between good and bad work. Quality matters to them and to us.

Problem Solvers

Our clients need to accomplish something, but often they don’t know how. What they do know is that video is an effective tool, and they need some expert help. We assist them in developing their message, helping determine what it needs to feel and look like, and what it needs to accomplish. Then we come up with creative ways to get it done.
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