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Why Use Video for Fundraising?

Seeking to generate financial support takes emotional finesse. Using video to communicate your message and motive can be an effective tool to get donors to open their hearts and their wallets for a worthy cause. We are skilled in the fine art of motivation through video, and we’ve helped many organizations create compelling videos to enhance their fundraising campaigns.

Our portfolio highlights a number of these nonprofit organizations, most of which have been repeat clients because of our effectiveness in telling their stories in impactful ways that have boosted their donor support.

Example Fundraising Work

YWCA of Lubbock - 2021 Women of Excellence
The YWCA of Lubbock holds an annual Women of Excellence award celebration to honor outstanding women in our community. This year’s celebration was ...
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Texas Boys Ranch Telethon - Behind the Scenes video
We’ve all heard the mantra “it takes a village to raise a child.” It’s also true that it takes a village to put ...
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Texas Tech University System - Overview Video
The Texas Tech University System used this video as a crucial tool in a major project of theirs. They showed it to the ...
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