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Why Get a Highlight Video?

Most events require lots of planning, set up and work!  Often times they can be such a whirlwind of checking the details that it’s only later that the host realizes everyone was too busy to get any photos or video of the event itself.  That’s where we come in!  We can document your event in high def video so it lives on forever and reaches a larger audience.  Relive the fun of the moment over and over, or let those who had to miss get to be a part of the occasion. A highlight video is also one of the most affordable marketing investments you can make!

Highlight videos have to be one of the most challenging projects because there are no retakes with live events. That’s why you want skilled professionals instead of an intern with a smart phone to capture the memories that only happen once.

Example Highlights Work

Volunteer Center of Lubbock Cornucopia - Highlight Video
The Volunteer Center of Lubbock Cornucopia Luncheon is an annual event. It honors outstanding volunteer leaders in the community. These people give generously ...
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Trinity Christian School Homecoming - Highlight Video
Trinity Christian School has been raising up exemplary athletes for over forty years. This season, and for the Trinity Christian School homecoming, the ...
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Menlo Church San Jose - Campus Launch Highlight Video
I love being a part of something bigger than me.  That's why I loved getting to produce this highlight video of Menlo Church's ...
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