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Why Choose Aerial Footage?

Lubbock aerial video and photos are highly useful in real estate and construction. These images can show off the majesty of your landscape or set a particular emotional tone. Moreover, they can also give your video an epic feeling! There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to aerial photos and video.

Photos and videos taken from the air provide a rare perspective that used to require a complicated process to obtain. This usually involved having access to a helicopter. Yes, a helicopter! Thanks to drone technology and the latest in digital imaging, crystal clear aerials are now more obtainable. They are a great way to take your production to the next level!

Safety is our top priority in aerial imaging. We are licensed FAA-Certified Drone Pilots, and we are highly insured as an added measure of protection. You can rest assured that your Lubbock aerial video will be acquired with the utmost care and protection.

Example Aerial Work

Lubbock Paddleboarding - SUP LBK Promotional Video
Did you know Lubbock has paddleboarding? We aren’t joking! Tucked away on the Dunbar Historical Lake shore is SUP LBK. Beginning the summer ...
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Lubbock Drone Video - Lubbock Inception
Do you need a bird’s eye view of your property to suitably market your location? There are several options available. If you’re not ...
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