Alliance Credit Union - Official Texas Tech University Credit Card Launch

November 11, 2022  |  stellarmediaco
Stellar Media has formed a partnership with Alliance Credit Union and we are cooking up some amazing new content together. The first project we've collaborated on is their launch of the official Texas Tech University credit card. This is the perfect credit card for the die hard masked rider in your family!

Concepting with Alliance Credit Union

This project had two parts, a 15 second teaser and then the 30 second announcement of the product. Moreover, Alliance Credit Union wanted high quality video content for this project without having to use an advertising agency. So, that's where we came in. We teamed up with their in-house marketing team and we got to it. After our initial brainstorm we realized utilizing motion graphics would be really effective.
Above all, motion graphics are a unique way of creating video content for your brand. Moreover, you can create an entire video without having to open your camera bag. All that is needed are some graphics and some good old fashioned creativity. So, this gave us endless creative potential in crafting the perfect teaser and announcement videos. Check out the 15 second teaser below.

Next, with the 30 second product announcement video we built upon the same concept that we began with in the teaser. We used the swirling ink with mattes to reveal the key information about the product. In addition, layered in with this were iconic sounds from Raiderland, the sound of a horse galloping along with the "Raider Power" chant always heard at all Texas Tech sporting events. So, watch the 30 second announcement video below.

To sum up, these two videos put together assisted Alliance Credit Union in having a strong campaign for their official Texas Tech University credit card. Above all, seeing the masked rider on the card, hearing the sound of the horse galloping, is sure to make any Texas Tech fan want to get this card immediately. Certainly, our team at Stellar Media has loved working with Alliance Credit Union, we are already working on additional commercials with them. If you need a creative partnership to help you with your campaigns, call us today to start the conversation!

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