Ballet Lubbock

September 15, 2015  |  stellarmediaco
This video for Ballet Lubbock’s annual gala was produced with the objective of captivating the audience and inspiring them to contribute to this growing organization. Interview and personal testimonies helped the organization accomplish this goal.

“Telling your unique story in a way that really communicates your brand and your personality in a genuine way can be tremendously difficult. That is, unless you work with Stellar Media. They manage to capture your essence and your story beneath the story, in a simple, but powerful way. Stellar Media was intent on really getting to know Ballet Lubbock before we started filming. The questions they asked gave me all the confidence in the world that the project we hired them for was going to surpass all our expectations. Their dedication during and after filming has no parallel. I honestly feel like the best direction to give them is, ‘Go. Do your thing.’ I promise, it’s going to be good.”

Nicholas Dragga - Executive Director - Ballet Lubbock
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