Buddy Holly Center - Commercial

January 2, 2019  |  stellarmediaco
We filmed this is the local commercial to attract visitors to the Buddy Holly Center. The Buddy Holly Center is a cool little gem tucked into the Depot District in downtown Lubbock. It’s part museum, part art gallery, and part music venue. Before you even get to the door, Buddy Holly’s iconic eyeglasses greet visitors and offer a perfect prop for photo ops. Okay, so they’re not his actual glasses. He’d have needed to have been like 72 feet tall to wear those! The glasses sculpture is the work of local art legend, the late Steve Teeters.
Once you achieve the Insta-worthy eyewear pic, head inside to explore a bit of rock-n-roll history, then pick up a funky souvenir in the gift shop on your way out. Come see what you’ve been missing out on!
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