Harvest Connexion Amarillo - Fundraising Video

September 16, 2019  |  stellarmediaco

Harvest Connexion Amarillo asked Stellar Media to help them tell their story. They have a humble beginning, their first meeting occurred in a home a decade ago. But now Harvest has grown to a point that they need to expand their facilities. This expansion will be to accommodate future, anticipated growth. 

We compiled video footage of the current Harvest Connexion Amarillo worship center. Then, we combined that footage with renderings of their proposed new building from Halo Architects. As a result, we were able to create this fundraising video for the church’s capital campaign. The goal is to raise funds to make this new facility a reality! A plot of land was recently donated to the church in a prime location in Amarillo. So, with land secured and their fundraising campaign underway, we stand by hopeful for what they are able to accomplish. 

Videos for fundraising campaigns take emotional finesse. Using video to communicate your message and motive can be an effective tool. It can be used to get donors to open their hearts and their wallets for a worthy cause. We are skilled in the fine art of motivation through video. We’ve helped many organizations create compelling videos to enhance their fundraising campaigns.

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