Juniper Home Company: Winning Social Media Marketing

August 29, 2017  |  stellarmediaco

West Texas home builder, Dan Biase, partnered with Stellar Media to create a compelling company profile video for his growing business, Juniper Home Company. Biase’s aim was to showcase his unique specialty, the building of elegant 2000 square foot homes. Some of these have been featured in the Lubbock Parade of Homes. We accentuated the details of one of the Parade homes to highlight Biase’s signature open floor plan. An interview with Biase revealed the integrity of the company. Additionally, this proved to be a convincing advertisement on social media, made possible by our addition of video captions. Approximately 85% of videos viewed through social media are done so without sound. Therefore, we opened the doors for Juniper Home Company to reach the maximum audience possible. The help of our caption editing and video production expertise accomplished this.

Juniper Home Company - Transcript

My name is Dan Biase, and I'm a home builder here in Lubbock. I have Juniper Home Company. I moved here from San Antonio and specialized kind of in the construction of homes under the two thousand square foot range. My wife's family is from Lubbock and we have several children.

We had one at the time and decided to move closer to family. We now have five. So Lubbock has been a good spot for us. We enjoyed being here and raising our family here. I think that Juniper Home Company is essentially a custom home in in a smaller square footage where you're going to see attention to detail, which you wouldn't see typically in this size and price range. And you're going to have a personal interaction with your builder. I don't build 60 homes a year. I probably build somewhere around eight to 10. And so that allows me to give my customers more of a custom home building experience at two thousand square feet.

So my style would be clean, it would be simple, and it would be classic. What I'm trying to do is take designs that have been around for a long time and modernize them. So I do a lot of craftsman style.

So it's simple, clean lines. So all of my plans are very open. You've got your kitchen open to your living room, open to your dining room. So it's going to make an 800 hundred square foot home for your much larger than that.

I think that my favorite part of building houses is seeing it all come together. Oftentimes, I would drive by a job site hours after I've already been there just to see if they've set cabinets yet, because I can't wait to see what they look like and to see if the painter has painted the exterior, because I know the exterior paint colors are really going to make the house pop. I mean, there's nothing more satisfying than looking at the finished product and knowing that, you know, someone who you have built a home for as happy as can be.

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