Kingdom At Work - Animated Explainer Video

August 6, 2020  |  stellarmediaco

Kingdom at Work approached us with the idea of theirs. They wanted to create an animated explainer video to help their audience understand who they are and what they’re about. Namely, helping business people understand the why behind what they do on the daily. We began by storyboarding the entire video before any animation was done. This was to lock in the look and feel of the design first. Then we went on to bring the characters to life! Part of the project was to make the main characters actually look like the real-life Kingdom at Work crew. High-quality illustration, animation, and music made this custom animated explainer video for Kingdom at Work a huge success!

Kingdom at Work - Animated Explainer Video Transcript

So what exactly is Kingdom At Work?

We’ll start by letting you know what it is not.

It’s not a business, a company entity, an organization, or a non-profit.

Kingdom At Work is a movement.

It’s a movement that seeks to inspire, equip, and ignite leaders to advance God’s Kingdom through their influence in the marketplace.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

It all started back in 1992 when two guys named Ron and Rick decided they wanted to start a home building business.

They didn’t really know what it should look like; they just knew they wanted to honor God in the process.


Fast forward quite a few years into the future, and God had revealed a lot to not only Ron and Rick, but their whole leadership team. They had learned honoring God didn’t mean just giving money away, but also intentionally caring for their own employees. It meant leading from a place of vulnerability. Honoring God meant realizing their business actually belonged to Him.

Well as circumstance would have it, a popular leadership conference got wind of what God was doing at Betenbough Homes and asked if they could feature the company in a video.

Rick and Ron agreed, but could not have fathomed the impact that one “yes” would have.

After the Betenbough Homes video premiered at the conference in 2016, hundreds of business leaders from around the world started reaching out to the Betenbough Leadership team. They were curious to hear more about how Betenbough did business. And most importantly, how they desired to keep God at the center of it.

To manage all of the new relationships they were building, Rick began to build a Kingdom At Work team.

Today, we have four team members and we’re still growing.

Kingdom at Work Now

So back to the whole inspiring, equipping, and igniting leaders to advance God’s Kingdom thing.

As we met more leaders who were interested in integrating faith and work, we realized there was a need for more than just a few meetings here and there.

Late in 2016, and again early in 2017, we hosted a couple of small one-day events, but it was clear that God wanted us to take that a step further. In October of 2017, we hosted our first Kingdom Leadership Workshop. This is a three-day event that allows senior leaders and their leadership teams to come to hear keynote talks and experience breakout sessions that challenge them to hear from God, grow as leaders, but to also take a deeper dive into their leadership style and company culture.'

After we did a few of these workshops, we realized we wanted to tell stories other than just the Betenbough story at these events. So Kingdom Impact Films were born. To date, we’ve produced over a dozen short films that show and celebrate businesses around the world who are doing something unique to advance God’s Kingdom in their industry. And we’re just getting started!

The Future

Another key initiative is focused on one-day gatherings. We partner with local influential leaders all around the country to host small 1-day events in their city. We’re able to make new connections and meet leaders who are looking to take deeper steps in their Kingdom business journey. We’ve been a part of over 30 gatherings to date.

We also spend a significant amount of our time coaching and consulting with business leaders all over the world. God has given us an influential opportunity that we didn’t even know was possible!

Last but definitely not least, we’ve created multiple ways for people to engage with us on a digital platform. From our blog to our podcast to online teaching videos – we want to create valuable content for leaders and their teams all year round.

All that to say, we’re really passionate about seeing leaders discover their call to business, otherwise known as God’s ministry in the marketplace. We believe God is working in and through the business world. So as a team, our job is to take what God has done and is doing in Betenbough and other businesses and inspire, equip, and ignite other leaders to join into the movement to advance God’s Kingdom in the marketplace.

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