Lubbock Artists - Lee Ware, 2016 William D. Kerns Performing & Visual Arts Award

February 17, 2017  |  stellarmediaco

Lee Ware is a risk taker and is one of many local, Lubbock artists. Driven first to improve what was once a childhood hobby, he made a new city his base, then expanded it. Those were all risks. His skill as a glass artist opened many paths. Choosing one was a risk. Lee’s success with Unity in Glass has become a Lubbock success story, one that continues to grow. In this video we utilized a rotating platform to showcase the award given, and shot on location in Lee’s studio.

Local Lubbock Artists - Storytelling Video

We developed a product specific to weddings. The couples, what they do is they select different colors of crushed colored glass that's specifically designed for glass blowing. And as a part of their ceremony, they combine the glass. After the wedding, their mixture of glass comes back to the studio. That's where we incorporate that color that the couple had with them into a sculpture of a horse or bowl. Then we ship that back to them as a memento of their wedding. Over the last four years, we've almost almost grown by 100% per year. We've grown more than 100% per year.

It's an absolute honor to have the recognition from the arts community. Specifically the William D Kerns Award for the Visual Arts.

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