Lubbock Foster Care - Love is the Answer

July 13, 2018  |  stellarmediaco

It’s a joy to share handcrafted stories like Cory and Serenda’s, particularly when they’re on topics like Lubbock foster care. They became parents through foster care, and they love the children in their care like their very own. They began with two children, and several months later a pair of twin kids were placed with them as well.

Stellar Media tells stories in compelling, professional ways. We care about the people we are filming, and listen intently to what they have to share. Our team strives to take each story shared with us and then mold it. We shape it into a form that will connect with the intended audience. The tools we use to capture your stories are important. But what you have to share is even more important!

Cory and Serenda’s story was made possible through Texas Boys Ranch. It encourages others to take a step out in faith and become a family for a child in need. Lubbock foster care is such an important topic. We proudly created this piece to help more people hear about it. You have a story to tell too! Do you know the best way to tell it? Do you know your audience? Hit us up and we can help!

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