Lubbock New Legacy Home - Fundraising Video

April 5, 2019  |  stellarmediaco

The Lubbock New Legacy Home for Women is a ministry that provides a haven for women in crisis. The design of the New Legacy Home is to develop leaders in the community through the transformation of individual women.

The Lubbock Dream Center leads the New Legacy Home. This ministry is helping to meet the spiritual and material needs of many in our area. It is reshaping the culture of poverty by giving hope and healing to those who are desperate for change.

This video tells the story of the Lubbock New Legacy Home for Women. It illustrates its mission through the testimony of one of its residents. For example, Megan filled her past with pain and drug abuse, but she received an outpouring of love at New Legacy. She now proclaims that her relationship with Christ produces the best high she’s ever been on.

Help With Fundraising

To sum up, It takes a lot of resources to sustain an organization with such an impact. Stellar Media tells compelling stories through video in order to help raise the necessary funds. Have you thought about the impact a fundraising video could have on your organization or ministry? Reach out to us today and let’s chat about the possibilities!

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