Promotional Video - LHUCA

January 14, 2019  |  stellarmediaco

Whether your artistic enterprises include recreating the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling or something less involved, LHUCA is the place to go! With our promotional video for LHUCA, it's easy to see why the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center For the Arts is a driving force behind Lubbock’s flourishing arts district. Their mission is to cultivate and celebrate all of the arts across a broad range of mediums.

At LHUCA, you can find a place to enhance your own artistic skill. You could take a pottery class at the Helen DeVitt Jones Clay Studio. Or if you prefer to admire other people’s work instead, the First Friday Art Trail in downtown Lubbock is where you need to be. It happens on the first Friday of every month (hence the name) and includes both local and nationally recognized artists. And food trucks. When is art not enhanced by mobile food?!

Stellar Media created a promotional video for LHUCA detailing their involvement in the arts in Lubbock. You know, because our multimedia productions are our artistic masterpieces! We also condensed it into a shorter version to be used in local TV ads. Take a look and see what artistic and cultural experiences you may have been missing out on while you were busy sketching those stick figures.

Promotional Video

30 Second Version

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