A Gym's Social Media - Peak MVMNT Advertising Video

August 7, 2020  |  stellarmediaco

Social media, and video on social media, in particular, is here to stay. And this gym's social media efforts, our friends at Peak MVMNT, are key examples of a business that is crushing it.

When they asked us to help them make some specific promotional videos we jumped at the opportunity. Focusing primarily on Instagram posts and stories, we interviewed a group of key athletes that attend and asked them why they choose Peak MVMNT. We produced a collection of cool, modern videos flush with creative graphics and music to show why Peak MVMNT is the place to go for your training needs. This gym's social media presence is killing it! Contact us today and let us show you the potential our video services have in taking your message to your audience.


A Gym's Social Media - Video #1

Consistency is everything.
So year-round training is paramount.
We have kids that come in just in the summer and then they're gone and we see 'em just in the summer and they're gone.
Depending on the school and the push in terms of movement and strength and conditioning, it's all over the board in high schools.
The girls and guys that come inconsistently, they are growing 'cause we go through cycles specific to their sport and their season and they'll grow and then will recover and then grow and so it's just this constant climb up. And seeing the difference between those kids and our summer athletes, so to speak, they're worlds ahead.
So consistency wins, it always pays off.

A Gym's Social Media - Video #2

The importance of year-round training is just to keep up with your consistency, to make you stronger for your season, just wanting to build and become better than somebody else.

A Gym's Social Media - Video #3

It's a great vibe. Rustin's the best strength and conditioning coach in the west. He'll get you right every time.

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