South Plains College - Lubbock Campus

September 21, 2017  |  stellarmediaco

South Plains College is a vital institution in our area. The variety of programs offered at the Lubbock campus range from computer science to technical trades. Also, it will soon include a culinary arts program. South Plains College ensures that its graduates are entering the workforce well-trained. This equips them with essential skills for the businesses that hire them. Great employees translate to a win for everyone in the community!

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South Plains College - Transcript

We have about 19 different programs here on our Lubbock campus. Those range from Business Administration to computer science to our technical trades or welding or automotive or construction trades. The newest thing probably to South Plains College. And of course, the region is going to be our culinary arts program. There will be adding all of twenty eight.

South Plains College is a great community college there. They serve so many business's needs by helping to train the workforce. They get the skill sets that the workforce needs for them to be employed by our businesses.

We've been hiring students from SPC for a little roughly over five years now. The students that we hire from SPC actually have a more basic than the average technician that comes in out of an ROTC program or a community college shop program. They're able to pretty much hit the ground running. Our student that we just had come in two months ago is just I hope he's happy because I'm going to keep him forever and probably put a really good chain on him because he's doing amazing things.

The more we can be responsive to the community needs and the more the we can recognize the needs of the students. I think in matching those together, I think we're really going to see some synergies and some exciting opportunities that we've not been able to see before.

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