The City Church Good Friday Service - Storytelling Video

August 6, 2020  |  stellarmediaco

This year, The City Church Good Friday Service looked a bit different. That is because Easter occurred right at the onset of the global pandemic. When coronavirus infections ramped up in the United States, places were shut down and events either canceled or postponed. It led many organizations having to get creative in reaching their audience. So, when Easter of 2020 approached, The City Church here in Lubbock thought out of the box. They decided to pre-record their entire Good Friday service to live stream on social media. 

After that decision, they realized they needed help to bring such an ambitious vision to reality. They contacted Stellar Media about a partnership in this project and we were pumped to say yes. So, we settled on the concept and scheduled an evening to shoot. The finished video would be comprised of two separate areas where the talent was to sit. Being a night shoot outdoors, we had to make sure there was plenty of lighting for our 4K cameras. All of our gear worked perfectly for this extended shoot. With the footage we got we produced a handcrafted, professional storytelling video they played for their congregation online. 

The City Church Good Friday Service ended up being able to happen. We were able to come up with this unique, storytelling format when we put our heads together. We loved working with their passionate team, coming up with unique lighting, audio, and video solutions to accomplish the goal. Contact us today and see how we can bring your story to life. 

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