Texas Boys Ranch Giving - A Thank You Video

July 3, 2018  |  stellarmediaco

Texas Boys Ranch giving enables so much to happen. Children in foster care have a variety of tangible needs. They must have food and clothing, and a place to feel safe in. They need love and support, and a family to call their own. The Ranch provides all of these things and more.

Stellar Media has an ongoing partnership with Texas Boys Ranch. We’ve created impactful videos for them for years. Texas Boys Ranch giving is the subject of this video. It is a message of thanks to all of the generous donors who have given. Their financial support transforms the lives of children and funds the mission of the Texas Boys Ranch.

Video for fundraising is a powerful strategy to bring awareness to your organization’s cause. It takes emotional finesse to produce a piece that moves your audience. Using video to communicate your message and motive can be an effective tool. We can help you use it to get donors to open their hearts and their wallets for a worthy cause. We are skilled in the fine art of motivation through video. We’ve helped many organizations create compelling videos to enhance their fundraising campaigns.

Our portfolio highlights a number of these nonprofit organizations. Most have been repeat clients because of our effectiveness in telling their stories in impactful ways that have boosted their donor support.

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