Texas Girls and Boys Ranch Rebrand

March 25, 2022  |  stellarmediaco

The Texas Boys Ranch has a rich history of caring for and serving children that have been abused or neglected. Their original focus was just on boys and young men, but quickly expanded out to help both boys and girls. Recently, the time came for the Ranch to rebrand themselves to better reflect their mission.
Our team has been a long-time partner with the Texas Boys Ranch. We're proud to do so again to help them announce their name change. We know the Texas Girls and Boys Ranch will continue to provide crucial services for children in need.

Transcript - Texas Girls and Boys Ranch Rebrand

The Texas Boys Ranch started in 1975. Its primary mission to serve boys that had been in trouble with the law. That mission worked and served well for a number of years. But our mission needed to change and so we changed that model. We now serve children that have been abused. Neglected kiddos that have experienced some really hard times in life that come from the really hard places.

We serve children from all over the South Plains. It's not just children in Lubbock, Texas, but we have 470 acres out here. We can help children learn and relax and play and really just be kids whenever they need to be kids. A couple of years ago, we decided we needed to change the name to reflect the population of children that we're serving.

And so I'm really proud to announce that on October 18th we adopted the name Texas Girls and Boys Ranch. Our new name will carry the same rich history of the former Texas Boys Ranch. This while incorporating the hopeful vision that the ranch relentlessly pursues. Not only healing the hearts of boys but girls as well.

The process to rebrand the Texas Boys Ranch started about two years ago. We completely rename the Texas Boys Ranch to something else, or do we just enhance the current name? After much deliberation, 100 different meetings, we decided that we wanted to keep it rich to us history. To do that, we just needed to add one word and not one word as girls.

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There's been a lot of conflicting stories. Are we in Amarillo or are we in Lubbock or are we in El Paso? Where where is the Texas Boys Ranch? So we decided to build a rebranding campaign that covered all of those angles. We came up with a new logo idea to have the Texas Girls and Boys Ranch surrounding the state of Texas. Almost like it's it's shelter and it's protecting every single thing that's inside of that.

What's inside of that It's not only the heart of the boys and girls. It's the heart of the staff and of the volunteers. It's the heart of the board of directors and the donors. Everyone that makes the Texas Girls and boys ranch what it is. Not only do we have a logo, but we have a creative process. This lets the community at large know about the Texas Girls and Boys Ranch, such as a website.

We've re face all of social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, our new website with the new branding and with all the new colors and all the new information is amazing. And I'm so excited to share that with everybody. We can move forward now into such a positive manner, and we're excited to share this and we're excited to, you know, let everybody know what we're doing and so everybody go look at the new website and check us out. It's TXGBR.org.

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