Texas Tech University School of Veterinary Medicine

July 29, 2021  |  stellarmediaco

This year Texas Tech University opened their new School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo, TX. There were a lot of hurdles to get past before getting to this point, but they've done it! It is a huge milestone for the entire university and we are beyond excited for them.

Leading up to the launch of the school, Stellar Media was contacted by Texas Tech and tasked with creating a storytelling piece on Dr. Chris Morrow and his partnership with the School of Veterinary Medicine. Our team enjoyed a day at the clinic and got to film some really unique scenes. Below is the piece we created to help with promoting the launch of the new school.


That's the weird part about my my journey is it was I was more of a wonder then that then having to overcome obstacles When students ask me about my journey and want guidance, I can't help them through the first part because I was I was fortunate Just grown up on a ranch and never been around veterinary medicine at all.

I happened to be here in Emerald when I got the call from my best friend from college. If he if he got the mail, he opened the mail. So he happened to open the mail that day and called time. But I was in vet school so I went to Dr. Bennett class and Dr. Young, and they had a practice here.

So I'm in school, but I don't know if this is what I want to do. Can I can I stay here? And so I spent three summers sleeping on an air mattress on the floor of that clinic, taking all the calls with everyone and learned I learned how to do it.

When we were out. And I set this practice up not knowing whether it was going to work because it was already five that point five established when practice is here. And so I'm hardheaded, and that's where the mobile part of the practice went. And we didn't have anything. Everything I started with was in the tackle box, and I drove from here to wherever they were before I went from here to readmission to Coral Springs to Wichita Falls.

Sometimes all in one week when they would gather them up, we would go to them It's literally a backyard practice, literally in my backyard. But we can do pretty amazing things here and there. We got we got folks to travel across state lines to them to use Tuesday nights The thing that changed our life was our daughter, who's a senior at Randall, who she was born with one kidney and then when she was a year old, it failed.

And it changed the path of all of our lives. And she's healthy. She sees you after it failed once, once you got it to respond. It never had another problem. But we went through all of those emotions. I didn't know it scared was I didn't know what happened. I didn't really know what those emotions meant until you see that your baby dying That experience absolutely changed my life.

God telling us it's time to give back whatever. Whatever. You have time to get back. So we have our staff is primarily college students deciding if this is what they want to do. And that goes to how we were involved. And got involved in school. Dr. Ronald Reagan and I have known each other since I was a student at Colorado State.

And when he brought it by told me what we were going to do. I was immediately in favor I love what I do because horses are just amazing creatures. To be able to cart a person around the good chase farm animals or drag farm and jump over obstacles and do all of it willingly. They're just amazing creatures.

I'm Chris Morrow, the equine veterinarian here in Amarillo. Been in practice since 1997. Been hidden in Amarillo my entire practice career.

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