Texas Tech University System - Overview Video

October 15, 2018  |  stellarmediaco

The Texas Tech University System used this video as a crucial tool in a major project of theirs. They showed it to the state legislature to help the new Texas Tech University Veterinarian school get funded.  Much of the needed footage was provided by Texas Tech, which we edited together. Then, we filmed Dr. Ted Mitchell, and added several shots of our own to the mix. Everything put together created a visually engaging and informative representation of the entire Texas Tech University System.

About the Texas Tech University System

The Texas Tech University System boasts of an enrollment of over 38,000 students across 12 colleges. Additionally, Tech itself is much more than the home of flying tortillas and the reigning quarterback in the NFL! It offers 150 undergraduate degrees and 150 post-graduate degrees. The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center graduates more health care professionals than any other health education institution. Texas Tech University has nationally ranked extension campuses across the state, like Angelo State University, as well as a campus in Costa Rica. Soon the school of veterinary medicine will join the System in Amarillo.
We are proud of our hometown university and are glad to get to be a part of its ongoing success!

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