Trinity Christian School Homecoming - Highlight Video

November 1, 2019  |  stellarmediaco

Trinity Christian School has been raising up exemplary athletes for over forty years. This season, and for the Trinity Christian School homecoming, the football team was able to play on its own field! This is the first time in the school’s history it could do so. The Archie Warwick Memorial Stadium is the new home of the Lions and the first development of many to come on the 50 acre property at 146th & Quaker.

This year, Stellar Media was hired to produce a highlight video of the Trinity Christian School homecoming. Above all, the focus was to be the new Archie Warwick Memorial Stadium. But Trinity wanted to showcase other parts of student life as well. After establishing the scope of the project, we set out filming. Firstly, we gathered footage of various parts of the celebration with our pristine, 4K ultra-high definition cameras. In addition, we made sure to capture as many unique angles of the Archie Warwick Memorial Stadium as we could with our drone. Put it all together (in our expert fashion, of course), and you get an awesome highlight video to remember the occasion!

Highlight videos have to be one of the most challenging projects because there are no retakes with live events. Click the link below and let’s chat about your highlight video needs.

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