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May 10, 2017  |  stellarmediaco

Have you ever thought about what hotel housekeepers have to clean on a daily basis? Well don’t! It’s a thankless job, but we’d definitely notice if it was not done. As a result, without pristine hotel rooms, the tourism industry would crumble. So, that’s why for National Travel and Tourism Week, Visit Lubbock wanted to honor one special housekeeper who serves as a host of the city just by faithfully doing her job and being great at it.

Dianna is the housekeeping manager for Arbor Inn and Suites and has worked in housekeeping for 12 years in our fabulous city. Stellar Media showcased Dianna’s surprise thank you that included a helicopter tour, spa pampering, a shopping trip, and more. Then, interviews of Dianna’s boss and coworkers detailed her generous heart, strong work ethic, and her attention to detail.

In short, it was a privilege to tell her story and be a part of her special day. No word from the media guys on whether or not they participated in pedicures.

Visit Lubbock Documentary Storytelling - Transcript

Well congratulations, it's a great honor. Oh, thank you. Like it's well deserved. It is well-deserved. No one can comprehend what she does for a living. Yeah. It's National Travel and Tourism Week. And this year, Visit Lubbock is celebrating one of the city's greatest hosts.

Meet Dianna. She's the housekeeping manager for Arbor Hotels. OK, so this is kind of this is kind of unique, and when you look at what you and I do. We work hard to make everything seem seamless. Right. And a lot of that goes unnoticed.

On average, Dianna cleans 15 to 20 rooms a day and has been for 12 years. She's one of the many reasons first time guests quickly turn into frequent fliers. The Visit Lubbock team thought it was time for her to be the guest of honor.

So, Dianna, it's National Travel and Tourism Week and Visit Lubbock wants to honor you. One of our greatest hosts. And so today, you're the guest of honor. And we have a really special day planned for you, but to spend it by yourself popping around I don't think is quite as much fun.

So I got someone who you probably would enjoy spending the day with to come to town. So if it's OK, we're going to get started. Are you ready to go?

Gosh, Dianna walked into my office at Arbor Inn and Suite's somewhere around 12 years ago, and probably at that time I didn't know it, but was one of the luckiest days of my life. She's been a host of this city for years, and no one knew it because she's behind the scenes when someone walks into a hotel.

Transcript Part 2

And I've always seen commercials. Certainly, you'll probably have if they if the camera pans down and walks all the way through the lobby and hits the carpet and then pans around a room, everything's in place. What we really should do is we should go grab a room right now.
That someone just checked out of. And pan around that room. Then you will appreciate what Dianna does. And my favorite thing about Dianna is probably that she always goes that extra mile. She's proud of what she does. One of the first things you might ask in an interview question is, do you have reliable transportation?

That's never asked in an interview question with Dianna, because if you don't, she'll come get you. In fact, today, I bet she brought three housekeepers with her. Dianna is a caregiver by nature. She just takes care of the people around her.

She encourages everybody. And, you know, when she... like I said, she's just she's always there for you. And even out of work, if people, you know, are having problems, she tries to help. I mean, she just tries to help everybody.

When this building when Arbor Hotel came into my mind and said, this is something that I want to consider building. I didn't go to my brother and sister and I didn't go to my wife, Dianna was the first person I ask.

So, I'm willing to risk millions of dollars, and the first person I ask was Dianna. I couldn't do it. I literally couldn't do it without her. If you could see her heart. You would wonder how she doesn't collapse because of the weight of it. That's Dianna.

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