Volunteer Center of Lubbock - We're for Everybody

October 26, 2017  |  stellarmediaco

The Volunteer Center of Lubbock is hard at work shaping the culture of service in our area. It exists to connect willing community members with various organizations. The Volunteer Center trains volunteers for other organizations and recruits for service projects. Moreover it also equips those organizations to effectively utilize volunteers for maximum impact. 

This promotional video gives a snapshot of the various ways the Volunteer Center of Lubbock provides a network of service, partnership, and leadership. From professionals to young people, anyone can find a way to make a positive difference their community.

Volunteer Center of Lubbock - Transcript

I think there's real power in connection and influence and someone who is a resource to the entire community.

Everything we do here is about developing, nurturing, a culture of service in this community and helping the next generation of leaders grow and become who they're meant to be.

The Volunteer Center exists to inspire a more engaged community by helping people find their purpose and act on it. So, the Volunteer Center is more than finding volunteers or creating service projects to volunteer. I think we create opportunities to get connected to the community and also to become leaders in our community.

There are just so many ways that this organization impacts people in the community, whether it's professionals looking for leadership opportunities or young people looking to learn how to serve on a nonprofit board, or whether it's people that are in need of something. There's something for everyone. And it's it's hard to miss people when you have an organization that covers all the bases that way.

It's unique in our community because it's a one stop shop. You can come here and not only receive training to benefit yourself, but you also have the opportunity to benefit so many different areas of Lubbock.

The Volunteer Center is helping volunteers get connected with organizations. They are helping organizations build the capacity to handle volunteers and to utilize them in a more effective way. They train leaders to go in and serve on the board of those organizations.
Training their staff to help the staff of the other organizations become more effective. So it's creating a virtuous cycle.

People can plug in any way they want to as they want to at any time. I think our community is so much stronger when we all come together. When people are in the places that they're excited to be in, that they're passionate about, and I think service, partnerships, leadership, all the things that we do here are really contributing to that larger community impact. It just takes ones and twos and threes, intends to make something really wonderful happen. It does matter and it does make a difference. This ripples out in ways that none of us are going to ever fully know.

There's a lot of difference that has gone on like a ripple in a pond and affected people and their children and some of the people that the work that the Volunteer Center and has impacted are not even and will impact, are not even born yet.

Having served in some way, shape or form with the Volunteer Center for 15 years has absolutely influenced my life. Its influence, the way, you know, I operate at work, it's influence, the way I do, you know, try to raise my family.

It's influenced just about every every piece of me. And I feel fortunate every day that I wake up and. Get to do something with the Volunteer Center. It's a continual renewed sense of of doing something good in the community in it, and it seems like just about the best way that a person can spend their time.

Since I've been part of the Volunteer Center, I've realized that I'm not sitting back waiting anymore for people to come ask. I'm out there up front searching for ways to help Volunteer Center. Today is a really strong, viable nonprofit agency.

I think it is admired throughout the state of Texas.

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