Lubbock Texas - Visit Lubbock Animated Video

May 9, 2017  |  stellarmediaco

This animated video details stats about the Lubbock Texas tourism trade and the positive impact it has on the community as a whole. Imagine if the entire populations of both Chicago and Houston came over for dinner. Well that’s how many people visited Lubbock Texas in 2015! And they spent a combined $784 million here on food, entertainment, and more. That’s enough money for everyone in town to buy about 621 fidget spinners each. But don’t worry, teachers, we won’t bring them all to class. 

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Lubbock Texas - Visit Lubbock Animated Video Transcript

Happy National Travel and Tourism Week!

In 2015, 5.81 million visitors came to Lubbock. This would fill Jones AT&T Stadium 96 times! Thanks to those visitors, you saved $647 on your property taxes. So how can you spend that extra cash?

A family of four can attend 16 double features at Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theatre and get Texas Tech baseball season tickets. Or, you could purchase 64.7 bottles of Llano Estacado Winery’s Viva Rosso. That’s 64 bottles for you and a few glasses for your friends.

$784.1 million. That’s what visitors spent while in Lubbock. This is more than the net worth of Beyonce ($470 million) and George Strait ($300 million) combined. Of that $784.1 million, $183.5 million was spent on food, $166 million was spent on retail, and $52 million was spent on arts & recreation.

Visit Lubbock’s social media channels reached over 13 million people. That equates to the population of Pennsylvania, or Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, and Utah combined. Visit Lubbock’s videos were watched a combined 166,152 minutes. That would be like watching Titanic 738 times.

Obviously, tourism in Lubbock is kind of a big deal. And to be honest, we couldn’t do it without you. #LiveLoveLubbock

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